¿Why traveling to Colombia?

¿Why traveling to Colombia?



¿Why traveling to Colombia if everyone told me is a crazy place?

The answer is very simple and banal: Colombia itself is the highlight. It would be wrong to list just a few highlights here because this country has so much to offer. It is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a real insider tip. Still!

Nevertheless, in this post we want to try to name a few of the reasons why you should definitely travel to Colombia. So here are our

Top 10 about one of the best places in the world, Colombia!

1. Colombian people are incredibly friendly and open, with a very big heart.

The country is a unique mixture of different ethnic groups and people from all over the world: from indigenous locals, partly with African roots, to Spanish settlers. National identity is rooted in diversity and therefore Colombians highly value their culture and traditions. Hospitality is very important to them and even locals are just beginning to discover their own country. For a long time this was not possible for the population. And this is another fact that makes traveling through Colombia very exciting and interesting, since there is a wonderful mix of international and local tourists who can exchange a lot with each other.


2. To all ya‘ nature lovers and world explorers: Colombia is your discovery channel.

The landscape of Colombia is extremely varied: from Caribbean lagoon drea beaches and island paradises to historic and colorful colonial cities to the Andes with a breathtaking mountain scenery and the culturally rich coffee plantations as well as to the lonely lush jungle beaches over colorful deserts to the green lung of our world the Amazon – you will find everything in Colombia what your discovery heart desires!



3. Food makes memories – we are pretty sure that this also counts for Colombia’s exotic cuisine.

The Colombian cuisine may not be found in the culinary arts at first glance … but it is definitely worth trying certain exoticthings: un Tinto – the colombian coffee is one of the world best coffees, if coffee is not your thing maybe you wanna try out a Chocolate con queso. Try as well freshly made Ceviche in the Caribbean, the delicious street food like Arepas Rellenas (thick corn tortillas stuffed with meat, seafood and/or vegtables) or Empanadas, a Cazuela de mariscos, Ajiaco (a hearty potato and corn soup with avocado and chicken), Sancocho or a rich portion of Bandeja Paisa (rice, beans, eggs, and plenty of meat).And last but least, don’t forget to taste all those delicous exotic fruits that you may not even find in European supermarkets: such as Lulu, Guanabana, Granadilla, Tomate de Arbol, Lulo.

4. Tourism in Colombia: The only risk is wanting to stay.

Tourism has already arrived in Colombia, but you can still discover the original country in most places. Even if the tourist structures are not quite as well developed as in the neighboring countries. The bus connections and domestic flights are good and cheap. And otherwise the costs for a Colombia trip are limited, with the exception of Cartagena, where cruise ships have been flooding the beautiful colonial old town for a long time and accordingly the prices for hotels, tours and restaurants are pushed up here. But never mind, it’s still worth it.

5. Need Vitamin Sea? – There are hundreds of paradise beaches waiting for you in Colombia.

In Colombia you’ll find over 300 beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, ranging from tropical jungle beaches such as in the Chocó Department or in the Tayrona National Park, through natural white sandy beaches to turquoise shimmering lagoons and tropical island paradises in the Rosario-San Bernardo Archipelago and the islands of San Andres and Providencia. Diving and surf lovers will also get their money’s worth in Colombia and find their perfect diving and surfing spots with breathtaking coral reefs and perfect waves.

San Andres and Providencia


6. What would a vacation be without a certain dose of adrenaline to make it unforgettable?

Thrill seekers will find a lot of adventurous activities in Colombia. From paragliding off a mountain, over climbing and bathing in a mud volcano or chasing waterfalls to canoeing through mangroves, here are some epic adventures you can only have in Colombia. Colombia’s rough terrain makes it ideal for many outdoor adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding and many more. And there are numerous water sports on the coast. And the Amazon surely brings your inner Tarzan to life.

7. Learn to dance salsa, champeta or reggaeton in the land of a thousand rhythms.

In Colombia, music and dance is a passion that reflects the great cultural, regional and ancestral diversity of its people and geography. Much of the music is a blend of Spanish and European influences with indigenous sounds and African beats. Often dubbed the “land of a thousand rhythms,” Colombia is home to a dynamic, unforgettable and ever-evolving musical and dancing environment. Colombians love to dance: it’s practically their favourite thing! And contrary to popular belief, there are a lot more types of dance in Colombia than just salsa and reggaeton, as the country is home to myriad musical genres, each of which has its own distinctive dance and rhythm. Why not learning how to dance while you are traveling through Colombia. Anyone can learn to dance salsa, vallenato or reggaeton and show off their best moves.

Colombians love to dance

Colombians love to dance. Credit Colombia Safe Travel

Still thinking Why to traveling to Colombia? Ok, no probls, here are some reason more.

8. Enjoy relaxed vacation according to the Colombian lifestyle “Take it easy” and their serenity “tranquilo”

Everything and everyone in Colombia is tranquilo. It’s like a national state of existence, the same way “chill” describes the entirety of southern California. Everyone tells you tranquilo all the time. Lost or stranded? Tranquilo. Running late, out of money, dropped off hours away from your intended destination? Tranquilo. Having a panic attack while dangling from a rope on a waterfall 250 feet in the air? Tranquilo. Doesn’t matter how legitimate you feel your anxiety may be, someone will cheerfully tell you to be tranquilo and we find this „take it easy“ attitude to life just awesome and a really good start for relaxed vacations: enjoy a deep breath of inhale and exhale to get “tranquilo” 😉

9. Colombia holds the title for holding one of the highest levels of diversity of flora and fauna in the world.

When you come to visit Colombia, schedule a good part of your time to explore the natural wonders that we do not have the chance to cross at home. The varied ecosystems and abundant biodiversity are an even more valuable treasure than gold nuggets. After Brazil Colombia offers the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in the world. In fact, if you look at the biodiversity per square kilometer, Colombia even beats its immense neighbor. Colombia occupies 0.8 percent of the globe, but provides 10 percent of global biodiversity. Colombia has 1821 species of birds, 467 species of mammals (such as jaguars, pumas, tapirs, peccaries, anteaters, sloths, armadillos, and several species of monkeys), 518 reptile species and 51.220 plant species. That’s amazing!

10. Last but not least Colombia stands for pure culture and gems of old cultures.

La Ciudad Perdida, an almost 1,000-year-old ruined city in the mountains on terraces on the Caribbean coast, shows just how fascinating Colombia’s cultural heritage is. Or the 500 stone sculptures of San Agustin in the south of the country are even older. The 5,000-year-old works of art of the indigenous people rise up to seven meters high – a place of worship of stone gods. And huge treasures, made of pure gold, can be seen in the “Museo del Oro” in the capital Bogotá. Last but not least, the coffee culture in Colombia should  be mentioned as well: the eje cafetero, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, situated in the north of the Sierra Nevada is definitly worth a visit and invites you to beautiful hikes.

San Andres isla in Colombia What a nice and safe place in Colombia is San Andres island


And this are some of the thousand reasons because we think the question about Why to traveling to Colombia? is already respond!.

And if this no enough, we have a nice video from ON Word Travel to share with all to show the felling from this lovely travelers in this amazing country.