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Who we are?

We are a group of friends from Colombia and Europe who love the “art of being a traveler“.

We live for traveling and feel passionate and enthusiastic about the extraordinary. For us, traveling means creating unforgettable experiences for the travellers and establishing thereby an authentic connection with a country and its people.

Colombia is a beautiful and unique destination.

For this we have founded Colombia Safe Travel S.A.S., to get you connected with the right places and adventures without much efforts and thus to make the travel preperations as well as your trip itself easy, safe and to the fullest.

Therfore we are also in search of great partnerships, who are as passionate about tourism and Colombia as we are, to offer the best spots and experperiences for travelers. We want them to become a fan of this great country, that they will return and bring new people here.

Our partners

We understand us a hospitality and travel network with all types of accommodations, transportation and experiences to fit the needs of every traveler. So we are sure you’ll find something for everyone in our selection.

Caribbean Pearl

Tour operator in Santa Marta city

Euroflug Touristik

German travel agency.

Transport Companies

Travel Operators



We are sure that you will love it as much as we do.

With our contribution of sharing about our knowledge and experiences we have made while living and travelling through Colombia and working since many years in the tourism branche we want to help other travellers to get the perfect adventoures match in organizing their trip.

We work with local parnerts

helping local business

Working with local business helping them to grow in the tourism industry



Our team is ready to help you and show you new ways to increase sales and profits for your business


We will represent your brand and business in the most important tourisim fairs in Europe

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